5 Keys to Younger Looking Skin

By Belinda Benn, Author Super Sexy Skin & Former International Cosmetic Executive

Belinda Benn

Belinda Benn, 50

Author Super Sexy Skin

Every day, millions of women around the world look in the mirror and wonder; “How can I slow-down or reverse the visible signs of my aging skin?” They secretly wonder if anything can be done to rejuvenate “old-looking” skin, without risky surgery, questionable drugs or expensive cosmetics?

The truth is, there is something that can be done to bring back that ‘youthful’ look and feel.

But you won’t hear about this “in the mainstream” - because there isn’t big money to be made when women learn this. In fact - this saves women lots of money, frustration and time.

This powerful secret is revealed in the…

5 keys to reversing the signs of aging:

Key # 1: Cut-Down on Toxic Cosmetics That Suffocate Your Skin

make up

Every layer of make-up you apply to your face is another layer that suffocates your skin’s natural ability to breathe; from the inside - out. That suffocating layer not only blocks your skin’s ability to release waste products - but it actually seals them in. Here’s how:

Chemically laden foundation, concealer and color cosmetics cause our pores to become clogged and blocked. This stops the skin from releasing toxins, sweat, oils and bacteria - resulting in progressive build-up of these unfriendly elements - leading to irritation, inflammation, discoloration and wrinkling.

And what happens next?

We use more and more skincare products to try “fixing” those visible problems - wasting hundreds of dollars, month after month.

The vicious cycle not only continues - but it gets even worse because there are ingredients, preservatives and chemicals in the products most women use that make the irritation, inflammation, discoloration and wrinkling even more severe.

Fortunately, there’s a natural, 3-step process that reverses this frustrating cycle.

But first we need to look at Key #2...

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