Key # 2: Stop Eating Hidden “Skin-Killers”

junk food

Do you ever stop to consider what you’re about to eat - and what harmful impact that food has on the aging of your skin?

Most people never take the time to think this through - and they wonder why their skin always looks horrible.

Concentrated sugars, genetically modified oils, dough-conditioners, artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives, anti-caking agents, the list of avoidable ingredients goes on - ALL at the expense of your natural beauty.

These ingredients - which make foods cheaper to manufacture, and more profitable for the companies who make them - can have damaging effects on our outer skin layers - by way of effecting women internally, at the hormonal levels.

We already know how delicate the female hormone system is. But when we introduce these foreign elements into our physiological ecosystem - they can impact female hormone regulation in punishing ways - resulting in unwanted “signs” of early aging on the outer layers of our skin - especially the face.

There’s a simple way to flip this food equation around, so you get the opposite effect - the “ageless beauty effect”.

Key # 3 brings you closer to it:

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