Key # 4: Detox and ‘Reset’ Your Skin Production Layer from the Inside


The skin’s cellular regeneration cycle is 28 days.

This means - the skin you see in the mirror today started to be formed just 28 days ago inside the deeper stratum basale layer of the epidermis.

Most people inaccurately refer to this as skin sloughing. However, the precise term is Epidermal Desquamation.

The critical key here, regardless of what we call it - is that we can tap into this ongoing, 28-day cycle to enhance and improve the quality of our skin’s self-renewal power.

How do we do this?

Answer: We fuel the skin’s production process, from the inside, with powerful, youth-inducing foods and nutrients. This is the only way to truly nourish the skin - regardless of the sales messages that try to make you think you can nourish it at the surface level with expensive, cleverly-named, topical products.

Many women, realize after the fact - that when they start making certain, simple changes in eating habits, their skin quickly begins to regain its youthful appearance. They no longer eat certain foods or snacks which have negative effects on the skin production process and they’ve replaced them with the proper foods our bodies need in order to thrive - on all levels.

It’s the opposite effect of what poor choices of lifestyle habits do to one’s skin. For example, if you look at people who smoke, drink excessive amounts of alcohol and eat foods which lack nutritional value - they look far older than they actually are, because they are starving their body of what it needs - and filling it with damaging toxins that are accelerating aging….dramatically.

By doing the opposite, that is - eating foods high in essential skin nutrients, you can turn back your biological beauty clock in as little as a few weeks.

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase inner-beauty.

But it gets even better.

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