Key # 5: Feed Your Skin With Youth-Inducing Foods & Nutrients


Hormones get a bad rap for being the cause of so many problems for women.

But the reality is there are certain choices and actions we can make - that can help us trigger extremely positive hormonal shifts - that actually start to reverse some of the problems - to the extent that some women “can’t even believe the changes they are seeing in the mirror.”

This isn’t airy-fairy thinking or hair-salon mythology - this is actual proven biological science - that just doesn’t get enough media attention. And that’s why I’m highlighting it here, today.

Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are 3 of the primary hormones involved in the skin regeneration process mentioned above. And more importantly - they are responsible for the visual and structural integrity of the skin. They directly affect how our skin looks and feels. That is how important they are to the quality and attractiveness of your skin. And this is why it is so important to balance and optimize them from the inside, through the power of beauty-enhancing nutrition.

When your body has an abundant supply of these vital hormonal building blocks, optimal homeostatic balance is restored, naturally “healing” the underlying root-cause of common skin problems - and reversing the visible signs of aging.

Not only is this simple - but it’s also extremely enjoyable once you get a taste of it…..especially once you discover the most important secret of all…..Key #6

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