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Dear Affiliate Marketer,

Thank you for your interest in promoting the Super Sexy Skin Program.

This product has been whitelisted on Clickbank which means only approved affiliates can promote.

Please submit a ticket to our Help Desk with the following information:

1. Name

2. Clickbank ID

3. Contact Email

4. Short description of how you will promote including links to relevant websites.

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Welcome to the Super Sexy Skin Affiliate Center where you’ll find exactly what you need to start making 75% commissions.

On the left navigation are links to three different landing pages; each page has your affiliate link and the corresponding email copy and banners.

To promote you must be a registered ClickBank Affiliate and adhere to all of Clickbank’s Terms and Conditions as well as this Affiliate Agreement. Affiliates are NOT permitted to use ANY of the Super Sexy Skin before and after photos (or any before and after photos with the intention to represent results from the program) in their promotions. Affiliates who do not comply will be banned.

Your Affiliate HopLinks

On each of the landing page options on left navigation (Main Sales Page, 5 Keys or Presell Video), once you get there – take the link and replace YOURCBID with your Clickbank ID.

You can test your HopLink by clicking it, then going to and selecting the buy now icon (Give Me Super Sexy Skin), which will take you to the order form; scroll to the bottom of the order form and you should see your clickbank affiliate nickname there.  If you’ve used a TID extension, that should display also.

How to add a Clickbank tracking ID (tid) to your Affiliate Link.

Add the “tid” extension to the END of your affiliate link.


Note: “tid” must be lowercase.

If you have a special request or need help, simply submit a ticket to my Help Desk and I’ll get back to you quickly.

Thank you for your support and good luck!